When you enter the game daily, the monthly profit will be . macbeth tragic hero essay..

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When you enter the game daily, the monthly profit will be . macbeth tragic hero essay..

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Humanity contains hidden intellectual resources. For example, up to a certain point, women were such a resource. Without the full opportunity to develop and work intellectually, billions of women have missed the opportunity to contribute to the development of the world.

Evolution, under the influence of new challenges, gradually releases hidden resources. If a person acts in accordance with evolution, then he experiences a great high. Chemically backed belief in the truth of your cause. Therefore, it is correct to treat feminists as addicts. It seems to them that they are fighting for equal rights. In fact, they only systemically increase the burden on women in order to increase the stability of the species. And this is good.

More resources – faster development – more new challenges.

The same processes will lead to the release of two more hidden resources: the elderly and children. Whether you like it or not, child labor will be legalized around the world. Get used to it slowly. The thought of working women used to generate the same rejection.

It will swing the same way through the Overton window. Both children and parents will fight for this. The first applicants will emerge, the first countries to legalize child labor and demonstrate explosive increases in efficiency. Well, then public morality will catch up: “It is not humane to deprive a child of working experience, as this will reduce his opportunities for self-realization in the future.”

The modern world already sets clear requirements for the development of children from the first month of life. It is one step from “development” to “development for the benefit of society” (work). Let me explain with an example. A child can simply play a mobile game, or can engage in remote sorting of REAL garbage in the format of a mobile game. And parents will keep track of the time of this game, as it will be paid for with the same real money.

The family receives money, the child learns a profession and enjoys the game. I don’t see who should suffer in this situation.

Hearing the phrase “child labor” a photograph of the concentration camp pops up in my head. However, in the modern world, this phenomenon may well be consistent with evolution. Natural.

At this stage, the problem is no longer even moral. The problem is in the interface for working with children. It is necessary to take into account the specifics of age, individual development, phases of the formation of the brain, peculiarities of keeping attention.

The “Skazbook” we are working on is a massive tool for preparing children for the modern world. We help parents not miss important opportunities in human development. And I do not exclude that one day we will send users such a letter:

“Congratulations! Your child is already three! And he completed the basic course on developing thinking styles. Now he has access to self-development courses with monetization. We would like to offer you a course that will help our partners produce wonderful toys for children. The child, in a game format, will participate in focus groups of new products. This game develops the following skills … With a daily entry into the game, the profit per month will be … “

Would you take this opportunity? I am definitely yes. Since I would see in this additional opportunities for the development of my son.

Money matters too. The system can be built in such a way that all profits go to the fund for the further education of the child. For many families, this may be the only way to get higher education.

It all sounds a little scary from the height of current morality. There is a lot of work to be done. Ensuring safety and comfort for children. Legislative framework. Development of a working children’s interface. But the pluses will prevail. You can’t argue against evolution.

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The article by Svetlana Lavrentieva “How to survive March” gave birth to resistance in my soul. What was written caused the feeling that the feeling of doom permeates every cell of the teacher. We are actually sentenced to life in prison. We signed an oath that we pledge to be deeply unhappy and burned out of every stress at work throughout our lives. And March is the annual apotheosis of the act of self-immolation at the stake of education. 

But meanwhile, we ourselves are driving ourselves into the corner of the cage called the school year. This is beneficial to us, because we can complain and cry: how hard it is for us! Let the whole world feel sorry for us. And there is no one to feel sorry for.

Spring often evokes negative emotions. Spring blues, vitamin deficiency, the weather is not always happy. 

Let’s try to look at the situation from a different point of view. They say you cannot change the situation – change your attitude towards it. 

Vitaminize yourself!

March is the beginning of spring. A wonderful time to enjoy life! All nature awakens and begins to play with colors. The worst thing that awaits residents of northern cities, where there is little sun, good vegetables and fruits, is vitamin deficiency. But take care of this in advance: buy yourself vitamins and drink all autumn, winter and spring. Doctors advise drinking vitamins for all months, the name of which contains the letter P, that is, from September to April inclusive. Thus, we neutralize the physiological component of stress! 

Free up the weekend to reboot your body!

March is the month when the third quarter is in full swing. Yes, it is the longest, 10 weeks. But we all have a break in the form of February 23rd. And then on March 8, and here it is not far from the holidays, where you can relax a little. And we have 56 calendar days ahead of us, in the summer. Someone can only dream about it. 

Always keep the weekend for yourself! Make them untouchable. Go to museums, theaters, walk the streets of the city, go to the forest for barbecue with friends. Your task is to rest your body and soul. 

Forget about checking notebooks on non-working days, even if there are a lot of them, do not waste time on them. 

It is better to do this after work and sit until your eyes close themselves and your head falls on the table. After that, slowly crawl onto the bed and sleep until morning. I assure you, the motivation to check as quickly as possible at night is much higher than on weekends, when you can do other things that are more interesting for the body and soul. As a result of your feat after the weekend, you will be angry and aggressive, and this will definitely not play into the hands of anyone. 

Look for friends in other fields of activity

Often teachers themselves doom themselves to a vicious circle, communicating only with colleagues. All teacher get-togethers turn into teachers’ councils, and you do not give an opportunity to disconnect the brain from work. Therefore, do not specifically look for friends among colleagues. They have the same problems as you. Unless only if you will be warmed by the feeling that the other is as bad as you. Go out into non-school life as often as possible. And let the pedagogical sites be in your life solely for the exchange of experience, but not in any way as psychological support. It is not for nothing that there is such a joke “a teacher is a diagnosis”. Your diagnosis is not enough for you?

Separate emotionally from everything the administration tells you

The director and the head teacher are people endowed with a certain power and, unfortunately, do not always use it correctly. In addition, they are ordinary people with their everyday problems. Sometimes they bring negative emotions to work, try to assert themselves through comments (not always fair) about a particular teacher. Always remember that you are a teacher and you know best what and how to do in your class. Accept any criticism and any orders and orders of the administration calmly, separating the wheat from the chaff. Leave in your head only what can contribute to your development and improvement. An administrator is just a person who has an opinion. And you are a critical thinking teacher. 

Make parents your allies

Your main helpers are your parents, so the teacher’s task at the first meeting in September is to make them your allies. It’s very simple: team up with him in problem solving "your joint child"…

Make it clear that you are always together and your common task is to find solutions in favor of the child in case of problems. Then all parents will be the most wonderful. 

The teacher’s faith in every child, even the most “stupid”, lazy and disorganized one, helps to be with the children and parents on the same side of the barricade in the process of gnawing the granite of science. 

But often pedagogical snobbery and pride prevents one from condescending to empathize with the child, leaving only the desire to punish for negligence. And what is the goal? Just to make it my way? And that’s when conflicts arise. 

Take care of your health 

Always take sick leave if you feel unwell without feeling guilty.