Mission partner network international is a mission agency that exists to reach out to the unreached community with the gospel of Jesus Christ in a holistic manner. The agency also provides support, strength and creates a platform to get maximum output of God’s given assignment of her members.

About MPNI

About Mission Partner Network International


To foster an environment of servant hood where all churches, ministries, ministers, organization and individual come together in understanding and harmony, putting their resources together for the expansion of God kingdom in rural communities.



Mission partners’ network international welcomes affiliation from churches, organizations and individual who are BORN AGAIN and have a heart to reach out to the dying world.



Every true Born again Christian is qualified to register as a member

The GO member

Registered individuals, churches, ministries or organization that volunteer to be involved in going to rural communities for mission activities.

The GIVE member

These are people, churches ministries or organizations that support the network missionaries, mission activities and mission project of MPNI in cash or in kind. Registration is optional for such people

The LIFT member

These are people, churches and organization that volunteer to be praying for the network, the missionaries and the mission activities of MPNI.


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